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Developing A Platform For Independent Musicians

By Nikhil P. Yerawadekar

Over the years I have found that no matter the genre, style or scene, working musicians in NYC from all backgrounds are able to bond over our shared experience getting a “raw deal.” From venues with amateur sound systems and engineers, to inaccurate door counts, to obnoxious audiences, to a lack of correlation between the hard work we do and the money we receive for it-- we all have a list of legitimate complaints related to how we make a living. Sometimes these complaints are unavoidable (like, for instance, not getting enough sleep on tour), and sometimes they are the result of exploitative practices that are so common, it can be difficult to imagine the music profession without them.


Tax Workshop in Review

This February at MayDay Space in Brooklyn, SMC joined forces with Brass Taxes and Dima Kay, band manager for Karikatura, to present our first Tax Workshop for Freelance Musicians. The presenters covered topics including why taxes are important, record keeping (income & expenses), developing good habits, monitoring your business' performance, and making sure you save enough money to pay your taxes. Attendees of the workshop were very engaged -- we're thrilled that so many people showed up to learn and ask questions!