Bring Your Skills to Our Team


Social Media Team

SMC Social Media seeks to spread awareness of and attract support for the Sound Mind Collective's endeavors.

Current Projects: Organic expansion of Instagram followers; Narrowing language for concise and consistent messaging across platforms; Sharing events across IG/FB/Twitter; Sharing relevant news articles across FB/Twitter. Generating Spotify playlists featuring member artists.

People needed: Have you got effective ways of increasing public awareness in the arena of social justice ? Are you gifted at leveraging existing platforms to drive attendance to events (such as benefits/fundraisers)? Are you versed in best practices and strategies to collect data and use it to improve future strategies? Come share your talent!


Policy Working Group

The SMC Policy Working Group is tasked with representing the needs of independent musicians and artists as they pertain to New York City policy through advocacy, education, and action. We develop policy strategies and stances rooted in our commitment to NYC's creative community while maintaining an open dialogue with the Nightlife Advisory Board and the Independent Musician & DJ Coalition. At our monthly SMC meetups we update our Collective on any policy developments that might affect our membership and the broader NYC musician community.

Current Projects: Music Community Survey on wages and perspectives to identify problems (ongoing). FairPlay Initiative. 

Goals for future projects: To have our recommendations make the list presented to the Nightlife Mayor at the end of 2019. To have an open channel to the NYC government for the music community, and be the "go to" source for the Office of Nightlife to connect with and learn about the needs and perspectives of musicians. To have MOME fund or otherwise sponsor an SMC event or event series. 


Newsletter team

The SMC Newsletter team produces a quarterly newsletter intended to educate the public about current SMC projects and events. We strive to inform our mailing list of the issues faced by independent artists in NYC and beyond as well as spread the word about other organizations and individuals doing work to strengthen our community. 

People needed: Writers, graphic designers, anyone with ideas!


Operations Working Group

Info: The Systems & Organization Working Group helps the Sound Mind Collective design and maintain physical/meta organizational systems that connect members, keep folks informed, and ensure that each member's voice is given equal space and properly documented. We do the behind-the-scenes work to help keep the conversations flowing productively. 

Current Projects: Improving our system of internal digital communications, Maintaining our Ideas Parking Lot, Helping integrate new members, and more!

People needed: Organizing nerds, tech nerds, and critical thinking nerds!

Materials needed: Just time and energy!


Workshop Team

The Sound Mind Collective Workshop team develops educational workshops to teach tangible skills to independent working musicians. Past workshops have included a booking workshop for independent artists, an annual tax workshop for freelance musicians, a DIY PR tutorial, and a bio and marketing materials workshopping session. 

Goals for future projects: Legal workshops, accounting and business management workshops, marketing and PR, publishing, etc. 

People needed: Anyone interested in partnering to present real world skills to help artists increase their stability in creation and business.